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"I contacted Scott Bell Financial because I had no idea how to begin rebuilding my finances. I lost my job and spent all my savings on bills, and I feared I would lose my car -- which I needed in order to find a new quality job -- if I didn't turn things around. Scott Bell helped me restructure my budget, find an emergency loan and make a fail-safe plan in the event I were to remain unemployed. Fortunately I found a new job, but when things were at their worst Scott Bell Financial gave me peace of mind that I would be OK."
- Benjamin S., Salt Lake City.


How can you plan out your finances when the rest of the financial world is in chaos?

Scott Bell Financial This is a question many have struggled with in recent years, as national and global economic issues have resulted in the loss of jobs and an upheavel of income and assets. We all want to live fruitful, enjoyable lives, but we also want to save for our futures. Financial planning is the key to finding that balance, but many people have found this to be more daunting than ever before.

Scott Bell Financial can help. Scott Bell is a certified financial planner with more than two decades of experience in advising people on matters of investments and financial planning. With a knack for explaining money matters so they're easily understood, Scott Bell works with his clients so that they understand the mystique surrounding weekly budgets, accounting services and investment management. His goal is not only to help clients manage their finances, but to teach them the skills to manage their finances.

Personal Finances

Sound financial advice is something many people need in times like these. The workforce is unstable, and many people can't guarantee how long their incomes will last. Scott Bell Financial can help clients develop better habbits for saving and spending money, as well as find ways to cultivate new sources of income.

Debt Counseling

A growing number of people are choosing to pay off debts rather than spend money on luxury items. There are many tools available to help people repay their debts faster. Through debt consolidation, you can owe less on interests while you reduce the principal you owe across your debts. Through second chance checking, you can reclaim possession of a checking account even after you were denied by another bank. Scott Bell has the information you need to get your finances back on track.

Investment Advising

Scott Bell emphasizes ethical investments, a conservative approach to saving and a no-nonsense approach to the challenges faced by working families today. As an experienced investment manager, Scott Bell can also help you screen potential investments to ensure your money is used for supporting products, companies and causes you believe in.

Set An Appointment

If you would like to schedule a meeting or phone consultation, please call us or send us a message using the email form on our Contact Us page. Scott Bell is a veteran financial planner who has helped people like you to strengthen their financial stability. Contact us and learn more about how you can reinforce your financial foundation.